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Corduroy | Chocolate Bundle

Corduroy | Chocolate Bundle

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Love at first sight 💕

Scrunchies just got a major upgrade with our Luxe XL Scrunchie bundle ! Keep your hair in place with this fun set, featuring one Luxe XL scrunchie with OR without a pocket, one hair claw for extra support, and a set of Scrunchie XS for everything else!

We know you love our scrunchies just as much as we do, that’s why we always make sure they’re fun and FUNCTIONAL.



•  1 Luxe XL Scrunchie POCKET or NO POCKET (Your Choice) 

•  4 Scrunchie XS

•  1 Fuzzy Hair Claw 

•  Limited Availability


•  95% Polyester 

•  5% Spandex

•  Handmade in Chicago


•  Luxe XL Approximately 5” in diameter

•  Wraps approximately 1-2x around hair

•  Skinny Scrunchie XS Approximately 2 1/2” in diameter

•  Wraps approximately 1-3x around hair

•  Elastic approximately 4-8”



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