My earliest childhood memory was growing up on the floor of my mother’s small business, Just Deserts & Novelty. Located in the heart of Rogers park near the ‘L,’ the shop couldn’t have been more than 500 sq ft, the walls were painted bubble gum pink, and the smell of fresh pastries filled the air. I often spent my time in the bay window, overlooking what is now the Howard CTA Station.


I’ll never forget the first time my mother taught me how to work the register. She took two milk crates and placed them on top of each other creating a platform, one red and the other green. I remember feeling like I was on top of the world, like I could do anything. I was only three years old.


Today, I reflect on the building blocks that have lead me down the road to entrepreneurship and the people that have taught me the fundamentals of what it truly takes to become a successful small business owner.


JWS is a reflection of my mother’s courageous spirit, ability to overcome obstacles, and the tenacity to keep on keepin' on. To date, she is my number one inspiration, the reason I long to become self employed and simply my why!



Thank you for nurturing my creativity, allowing me to freely express my individuality, and for being my number one support system. JWS is for you! 

p.s. “I love what I do and I do it for you!” 

Yours faithfully, 

- Jenia